War captured flags

The following photos are flags captured in maneuvers, raids or wars. Some catches are made in a particular time of a mission, others are war trophies. Trophy war is considered as the winner army of war shows the captured enemy flag, you could say that you take as trophies what your enemy considers a valuable symbol, the flag of their country, he has defended, fought or possibly killed by her.

The war trophies were highly sought after, for example knives Waffen SS or Japanese flags with writings of Japanese soldiers themselves at the end of World War II. There were those who took the opportunity to do business, such as a marine in the US who had mounted a small stop with souvenirs Japanese.


Japanese at the end of World War II souvenirs.

Japanese at the end of World War II souvenirs.

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  • Japan captured flags
  • Nazis captured flags
  • United Kingdom captured flags
  • Vietcong and NVA captured flags


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