Sheldon Cooper presents Fun with flags

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Sheldon Cooper is one of the most famous characters from the popular comedy series The Big Bang Theory, a smart guy, great scientist, who does not understand the taunts and enthusiast vexillology. Because of this passion in the series creates video podcast where you talk about vexillology, originally his idea is to record 52 videos at the end in the series are not just issuing many. Here you can see all recorded programs Fun with flags, and but are a fan of the series you can end up engaging in it.


Sheldon Cooper, ‘Fun with flags’ first episode.


Sheldon Cooper, ‘Fun with flags’ special Star Trek.


Sheldon Cooper, ‘Fun with flags’ with Penny.


Sheldon Cooper, ‘Fun with flags’ 4 episode.


Sheldon Cooper, ‘Fun with flags’ final episode.

If you ever wondered what is the flag that is on the right screen is the flag apartment Sheldon, Leonard when signing the contract to live in the apartment Sheldon shows the flag.

bandera sheldon


Flag Sheldon's apartment.

Flag Sheldon’s apartment.



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