History of the Amazigh flag

The Amazigh or also known as the Berbers , they live in different regions of North Africa, an area known as the Tamazgha. Within the Amazigh there are different peoples as the Tuaregs, Chaouis, Numidians, Kabylie, Chleuhs, Rifains, Mozabies, Guanches. All these towns are not the same but i share common cultural linguistic roots. The Amazigh people have resisted and endured for many years invasions and colonizations of Greeks, Romans , Arabs, Spanish’s and Frenchs . The first proposal for the Amazigh had its own flag was made in 1971 in Roubaix, France, for Agraw Imazighen, cultural and identity as shown.

bandera amazigh bereber originalProposal for Amazigh flag,ⴰⵛⵏⵢⴰⵍ ⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖ Acenyal Amaziɣ ( in language Tamazigh ) with the stars of the Amazighs peoples.

The flag represents the blue Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean sea and the sky, green land and hope and yellow, the sand and the desert dunes. Red is written Z (Yaz or Aza) is known as a symbol of the free and happy man.

bandera amazigh congreso

The August 30, 1997 during the First Amazigh Congress held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands), with representatives of all peoples was officially launched Amazigh flag.

bandera amazigh bereberOfficial flag of the Amazigh.

Other proposals were these:

bandera amazigh bereber variacion 2

Berber flag with the symbol in black color.

bandera amazigh bereber variacionFlag with variation in color order.

A few years later , he set August 30 as the International Day of culture and Amazigh flag.

bandera amazigh 4Amazigh concentration in Melilla.

afellay-barça-amazighThe Ex-player of FC Barcelona Ibrahim Afellay.

bandera amazigh 3A January 13 celebrating the ‘Yed Yennayer’ (New Year).

bandera amazigh 5Amazigh meeting.

bandera amazigh parisAmazigh demonstration in Paris.



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