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Earth banner officially no, but proposals there and enough, the latter is the Swedish student Oskar Pernefeldt, presented for use in space expeditions representing our planet and remind all residents that must be cared all that around us.
bandera de la terra3


According to the creator could be used when the arrival manned Mars 2025. The design is done in blue representing the importance of water and 7 rings sandwiched together to form a flower and hinting that tot is linked directly or indirectly to our planet. The Project web is:
bandera de la terra

The proposal already used once to Flag Day is Earth activist John McConnell. In the dark blue design and a photograph of the NASA conducted in 1972 it was used.
bandera dia de la terra

During the XXIII National Congress of Vexillologíc in Spain in 2008, Pedro Manuel Quesada Lopez presented another proposal with 4 vertical color stripes. I have not found much information about this flag, because I doubt that means the color is orange. If you know its meaning not hesitate to comment.
bandera de la terra2

In 1970 James W. Cadle created another flag represented space, the sun, earth and moon. This flag is used worldwide by the organization SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence).
bandera de la terra3
Other versions of the same flag:
bandera de la terra4 bandera de la terra5 bandera de la terra6 

The UN flag is for some candidate to represent the Earth, but only officially represents the organization. Curiously using the UN flag in space travel to the moon was proposed.

Around 2000 Anne Kirstine Rønhede created another world flag, it represents the earth with its atmosphere in the middle of the universe.
bandera mundial



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