1916-2016 Easter rising centenary


This year marks the centenary of the Easter Rising, which started the independence process in Ireland the UK. On 24 April 1916 the Irish Republican Brotherhood with the Irish Citizen Army and Cumann na mBan (Council of Irish women) started joint action in Dublin, where some locations occupied the center of the city and proclaimed the Irish Republic.


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He tried to take advantage that the UK was struggling in full World War, but the superiority in numbers and weaponry of the British quickly stopped the uprising , which lasted six days. The leaders of the revolt were captured and executed almost all. These facts made ​​the independence movement gained strength across the island, politically the Sinn Fein (ourselves) won a large majority of seats and January 21, 1919 declared the Republic of Ireland. This same day began the war for Irish independence between the Army of the United Kingdom and Irish militias.

1920 London proposed a treaty to Ireland where two parliaments, one in the south (present Ireland) and the other in northern six counties of Ulster (now Northern Ireland) would be established. In 1921 the Irish party accepts and signs the Treaty of London and just war, creating the Republic of Ireland.

From here another conflict between Irish supporters to the treaty that divided Ireland and between those who wanted to continue united the island began. Irish Civil War begins , just where they earn 1923 supporters of the treaty therefore would be divided Ireland .


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Throughout this year events of all kinds will be made to commemorate these events, photo exhibitions, debates, or the launch of a coin 2 euro special centennial.


Irish commemorative coin with the inscription ' Hibernia ' meaning the island of Ireland in Latin.

Irish commemorative coin with the inscription ‘ Hibernia ‘ meaning the island of Ireland in Latin.

Google has created a website where you can see a tour with the events of the Easter Rising.
Google Tour



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